Sarah Martin
Atlanta, GA
(770) 846-2796
Sarah V. Martin, LLC
Senior Attorney
Completed NCDC Trial Practice Institute: 2015


When Sarah’s son was three years old, he asked her why he had to go to school, and his mother explained that he needed to learn, and she needed to go help people get out of jail. Years later, the boy would reveal that he believed that his mother actually broke people out of jail, and that she was some sort of superhero. While Sarah has not admitted to actually breaking someone out of jail, she has secured the release of countless indigent defendants thru her work at the Fulton County Public Defender’s Office in both Superior and Juvenile Court. In her private practice, she continues to strive to be the type of lawyer that her young son believed her to be. When not allegedly breaking clients out of jail, Sarah enjoys camping along the Georgia coast, getting lost in the West Texas mountains, listening to music loudly, and dancing. Sarah currently lives in Southwest Atlanta with her husband and son, and their four pets—Georgia (a blind, deaf, diapered, geriatric cocker spaniel), Meow Meow Purr Purr Fuzzy Kitty (a tuxie pretty kitty), and Jim Morrison and Bat Boy (two ill-behaved baby panther brothers).