Francisco Morales

Senior Litigator, Federal Public Defender, SDTX
TPI Attendance: July, 1999
Photo of Francisco Morales


Frank believes that good trials are much like good movies: good stories, good acting, and damn good directing. He feels that a good trial lawyer should bring to the show every possible talent: singing, dancing, miming, etc. Whatever it takes to get the point across is important. But, he feels, as a faculty member, that imparting these qualities requires from his ‘students’ an ability to know and appreciate that we are in a constantly changing matrix. We are constantly evolving and our evolution as people can make or break our evolution as trial lawyers: if we remain close-minded, we shut ourselves off to learning and honing our talents. We must never stop learning. And, at the end of the day, Frank learns just as much from his ‘students’ as they do from him. And, for that, he is eternally grateful.


Recent Teaching History

2022 NCDC Trial Practice Institute (July Session)