Kaushiki Chowdhury

Attorney Emancipate NC
Work Durham North Carolina TPI Attendance: July, 2021
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Kaushiki is a career defender in both the criminal legal and family regulation system. Most recently, she was the legal practice head at Still She Rises, Tulsa, a nonprofit dedicated to the defense of mothers. Building upon her experience as a trial lawyer, she led the development of the criminal defense practice and then the family defense practice. In her role, she ensured clients received creative, excellent, and compassionate advocacy. Prior to joining Still She Rises, Kaushiki was a deputy state public defender in Jefferson County, Colorado, for six years. Outside of the courtroom, Kaushiki enjoys learning from and working with community members and young students on how to dismantle carceral systems and create spaces of community care. Kaushiki has been invited to lead training in client led representation, litigation skills, and developing holistic practices. She is a faculty member of the Deryl Dantzler Trial College. Kaushiki received her Bachelor of Arts from The University of Texas at Austin and her Juris Doctorate from The University of Cincinnati College of Law. Kaushiki is currently based in Durham, North Carolina, where she is incubating a new indigent defense project.


Recent Teaching History

2023 Deryl Dantzler Trial Practice Institute (July Session)