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The National Criminal Defense College is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation in Macon, Georgia that conducts seminars and training sessions for Criminal Defense Lawyers. We do not perform legal services.


Upcoming programs:

Trial Practice Institute - June 12-25 and July 17-30, 2016

Advanced Cross Examination - to be announced

Theories and Themes - to be announced

Be sure to check out the special discount info on our short programs pages! This special applies to all short programs.

Note from the Dean Emeritus, Deryl Dantzler:

In July 2010, NCDC passed the mark of over 5,000 lawyers trained.  To honor that milestone, we selected and honored a member of the class that the faculty agreed typified our participants. She was very good, but not the best.  She tried hard and seemed to care. She was a public defender on scholarship.
 The Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorneys Association funded her scholarship in honor of a member of the NCDC faculty, Don Fiedler, who also performed the Clarence Darrow one man play for NCDC each session until the year he died.  What follows is her report to NCDAA about her experience in Macon. Clearly, she "got" it.

Report from Jenn Kearney, our #5,000


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