Forensic Cross-Examination Workshop

NCDC Forensic Cross-Examination Workshop


For decades, NCDC has presented weekend workshops that teach NCDC’s trial-tested cross-examination techniques.

In this three day workshop focusing on forensics, you will perform cross-examination exercises in breakout sessions coached by NCDC’s amazing faculty.

All skill levels welcome. Each participant is assigned to a breakout group according to experience and scheduling preferences. Groups are limited to a maximum of eight from any one office. 

Workshop Content

Get on your feet with us for true-to-life exercises designed to prepare you to take on junk science in the courtroom. 

Drill down on the basics of forensic evidence and bring that knowledge to life to expose weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence by effectively cross-examining their experts at trial. 

Learn to apply important concepts that can used as chapters in the cross-examination of any forensic expert, such as professional and cognitive bias, forensic examination error rates, ineffective proficiency testing, measurement issues, critiquing an expert’s training and experience, exposing the difference between rubber stamp and real peer review, and defects in foundational study design.  

“I previously fought in court, as a competitor, never wanting to lose, and that drive remains, but it has changed.  Now I fight as a soldier.  I fight on the front lines, as I always have, against mistreatment, abuse, and all that is done in the name of justice, in violation of so many rights.  But now I know what I am fighting for.  Never have I felt such a connection to my clients.”