Casey Secor

Senior Staff Attorney Suzerain Capital Defense
TPI Attendance: June, 2010
Photo of Casey Secor


Casey Secor is the founder and Senior Staff Attorney for Suzerain Capital Defense (, a nonprofit organization that represents indigent defendants facing death penalty prosecution in state and federal court. Casey began his career as an Assistant Public Defender in South Carolina in 2007, and then worked for capital defense offices in South Carolina and Louisiana from 2011 through 2016. Since 2016, he has defended death penalty cases in Florida, South Carolina and Louisiana, and has trained and consulted with capital defense teams throughout the United States. Casey is licensed in South Carolina, Louisiana and the District of Columbia, and is a graduate of the National Criminal Defense College, the Santa Clara Death Penalty College, the Trial Lawyers College, and the National College of Capital Voir Dire, where he has served as faculty since 2015. In 2023, Casey was appointed to the Board of Directors of the National College of Capital Voir Dire and the Death Penalty Steering Committee of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


Recent Teaching History

2023 Deryl Dantzler Trial Practice Institute (June Session)
2021 NCDC Trial Practice Institute
2021 Online Cross (February/​March 2021)