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Larry Pozner
lecturer, author, and trial consultant

Larry is a solo practitioner, with his time spent on lecturing, writing and case consultation. He is co-author of Cross Examination: Science and Techniques (Lexis 3rd edition 2018, Pozner and Dodd). His lectures on trial techniques, principally Pozner on Cross: The Chapter Method, have taken him to 48 states, throughout Canada, and (inexplicably) Brazil. Delaware and South Dakota are missing.  Know anybody there?

Larry is also a past president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, which honored him with its highest recognition; the Olom Award. He graduated law school (UC Hastings, summa cum barely) knowing nothing about how to defend. Thankfully, he landed his dream-job as a Colorado public defender. It was there that he had a great training director, Steve Rench, who patiently taught Larry how the elements of trial fit together.

After his years as a public defender, Larry had a solo criminal defense practice, which eventually grew to a 3 -lawyer firm, including fellow NCDC Faculty member, Abe Hutt.  In 2000 Larry assembled a firm, eventually 30 lawyers, and added to his criminal defense practice the representation of plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation. This commercial litigation practice includes an $111 million verdict against PNC Bank, recently affirmed, and the successful defense of Pat Bowlen in a trial challenging Mr. Bowlen’s purchase and ownership of the Denver Broncos.

For many years Larry has taught criminal law at the University of Denver College of Law, where he was voted Best Professor.  That may have had something to do with his “Nobody Flunks” policy. He also writes a column for the NACDL Champion, entitled Cross Country. It is practical advice, so he never sites case law.

Larry is excited to be rejoining the NCDC faculty after too long an absence.



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