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Ryan became interested in law at a young age playing board games with his siblings. He was always the first person to read the rulebook and make sure no one was operating outside the lines. He was drawn to law school after a brief stint in the Boise restaurant and stage theatre scene. As a law student, he worked for the Nez Perce Tribe. There he discovered how much fun it is to fight government overreach, especially when the government is breaking its own rules. After school, he clerked for a District Judge in Payette, Idaho. He was able to observe the ins-and-outs of the criminal process and discovered his passion: Criminal Defense. From there, he found a career at the Ada County Public Defender’s office, where he was quickly dubbed a “trial cockroach” and took over 30 cases to trial over the next few years, winning more than he lost. Ryan has been with Attorneys of Idaho since 2021 and is the Criminal Defense Partner. He is active in pursuing justice in-and-out of the courtroom as he is an active member of the Criminal Defense Legislative Committee that lobbies the State Legislature for criminal justice reforms. Ryan still loves going to trial, but spends his free time with his son and two dogs. He is an active potter, rock climber, and still dabbles in community theatre.