Bridget Krause

Deputy Trial Division Director, WI-Office of the State Public Defender
Work 819 N 6th St, 9th floor milwaukee WI 53203 TPI Attendance: July, 2013
Photo of Bridget Krause


Bridget Krause graduated from Marquette Law School in May 2000 and began working at the Milwaukee Public Defender’s Office, Trial Division, after graduation. Bridget briefly left the Public Defender’s Office for two years to work in private criminal defense. After two years, she rejoined the Milwaukee Public Defender’s Office as a Local Attorney Manager. In 2018 she was promoted to Deputy Regional Attorney Manager in the Milwaukee Trial Office. As a Deputy Regional Manager, Bridget worked with younger attorneys to increase the litigation in the Milwaukee Trial Office and brainstorm motion and trial issues. She also set up training in the Milwaukee Trials Office for new attorneys and experienced attorneys. Bridget was recently promoted to Deputy Trial Division Director in the WI Public Defender’s Office in August 2020.

Bridget has been an Adjunct Professor at Marquette University Law School since 2009. She has taught Trial Advocacy 1 and the Public Defender Workshop. Bridget is faculty on the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Trial Skills Academy, New Jersey Public Defender’s Program, and the National Criminal Defense College. She also presents on topics dealing with criminal defense work at the WI Public Defender Conference, Florida Public Defender Conference, Oregon Public Defender Conference and numerous NACDL programs.


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