Register Now for Pozner on Cross: The Chapter Method

Join NCDC and Larry Pozner on April 8, 2022 from noon-4:30pm EST for this can’t miss special event! NCDC Faculty Member Larry Pozner literally wrote the book on cross-examination, and that book revolutionized how trial lawyers prepare and conduct their cross-examinations. For more than 30 years, Pozner has been recognized as America’s authority on the science of cross-examination. His book Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques (Lexis, co-authored with Roger Dodd) is now in its 3rd edition.

It’s America’s bestselling book on cross…ever.

Larry also teaches cross-examination and trial tactics across America and Canada, and he is a nationally recognized legal commentator and trial consultant. Larry says, “Learn the Chapter Method of Cross- Examination just once, and you can use it with spectacular results.” Mastering the science of cross- examination is essential for winning trial lawyers. In this seminar, Pozner demonstrates the key elements of effective cross:


  • How to factually dominate the trial with substance;
  • Train witnesses;
  • Shape jurors’ perceptions;
  • Put facts in the best context;
  • Derail the opposition;
  • And ultimately win cases!


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